Difference Mid Tower vs Full Tower PC cases

So, you are building your own PC? That’s is great, I am sure you have considered a lot of things while making your research. And then you have encountered yourself between a Mid Tower vs Full Tower case. In this blog post, I will try to explain the main Pros and Cons of using a Mid Tower Case or a Full Tower Case.

Mid Tower vs Full Tower

To choose a PC case we have to consider many different things: what is the size of the motherboard, will I have an optimal airflow, a reduced noise output… Even lighting to add to our awesome new gamer PC!

And also, we have to think about the size of the case. Should we go for a better-looking mid-tower case and maybe have more internal heating, or should we go for a bigger full tower case and be sure to have space inside the case? Ah, and do not forget the cost of both!

In this blog post I will try to make it easier for you in comparing a mid tower vs full tower cases. We will go through the main important factors to check prior to buying a case.

Major differences between Full Tower and Mid Tower

The big main difference between a mid tower and a full tower is the size. Normally, the size of the full tower is about 50 cm high (22 inches) and the mid-tower is about 40 cm high (17 inches).

Mid Tower vs Full Tower PC cases

Not only the difference is the size of each, but also the performance, price and how can it adapt to our future upgrades.

In terms of performance, the full tower cases are mainly for big capable CPUs, while the mid tower cases are for “normal” gaming and workstation.

To correctly choose a PC case we have to see what we have, rather than thinking which case is better. If you don’t need more than a mid tower, do not go for a full tower just because is better. And vice versa, if you need a full tower do not go for a mid tower as you will encounter many heating problems.

Let us explain the pros and cons of each case and you will be able to decide which one fits you best. Starting with the Mid Tower Case:

Pros and Cons: Mid Tower Case

Mid-tower cases are the most common ones: they are only able to hold one ATX motherboard normally because of its size. Usually, you will be able to hold around 3 GPUs and somewhat around 7 expansion bays.

Corsair Mid Tower Case (check it here)

Pros of Mid Tower Case

  • Mid tower are more versatile in terms of size and performance. A mid tower case is not as big a full tower PC and not as small as a mini pc. This give versatility in terms of size and moving around the house.
  • Mid-tower cases are usually fitted with active effective airflow. The air will reach all the bits and pieces of the PC as it is more squeezed. Supporting around 6 fans for airflow the cleaning of dust and cooling is very effective and efficient.
  • By having many expansion serials (around 6 PCI-E), we the users will be able to play most of our up to date games.

Cons of Mid Tower Case

  • The main con of the mid tower case is the space. To be able to change and fix issues we can find in the tower can be tricky. As the unit is more compact, everything is more close to each other which can be a problem.
  • Even though you will be able to fit a 3 GPU configuration, the cooling of the unit can be a factor. The heat dispersed by those GPUs will be a lot and maybe the cooling methods can be overwhelmed.

Pros and Cons: Full Tower Case

The big pro of a full tower against a mid-tower is its space. This means the full tower case can hold up to 10 PCI-E slots (or even more in some cases)! With this space, you will also be able to fit more hardware and heavy-duty cooling (liquid or water). It can support more than 12 fans inside the unit!

Corsair Full Tower Case (check it here)

Pros of Full Tower Case

  • The main factor is better cooling. As full tower cases are bigger than mid-tower cases, you will be able to incorporate more fans: large and small. If there is enough space in the unit, the airflow will be sufficient to cool your PC in very acute heat situations.
  • It is easier to fix and change hardware inside a full tower PC. The space inside the PC will let you fiddle around the cables and hardware that is inside. This will save you time and effort by not needing to dismount all the equipment.
  • There is more space for large hard drives and other optical drives. Again, thanks to the spacious inside of the full tower case, you will be able to upgrade and change hardware easily.
  • It is very easy to add liquid cooling to the PC. If your PC, after some time, needs cooling, you will be able to easily add liquid cooling to your unit.

Cons of Full Tower Case

  • As expected, as the full tower case is bigger, means it will be heavier and will take more space in the room. If you need to move the PC around the house you will encounter some space restrictions.
  • As the insides of the PC Full Tower is huge, it can be difficult for the fans to reach all the space inside. You may encounter that there certain “hotspots” inside your PC that are not reached by fresh air.
  • And the main con is the price. Full-Tower cases are more expensive than Mid-Tower cases. No surprise, right? The full-tower gives you more flexibility and functionality.

What do I need, then a mid tower or a full tower?

The main thing you have ask yourself is: do I need more hardware components? Are these component more powerful?

It is simple, the main difference between a mid tower vs full tower is that bigger, more powerful hardware will work better in bigger PC cases. Although, smaller and less powerful hardware will work just fine in the mid-tower case.

Choosing a PC case is thinking on your current and short term future needs, some examples:

  • If you are planning to use your PC as a video editing workstation or heavy usage (such as data mining), then a full-tower case will be needed.
  • If you need a PC for modern gaming then a mid-tower case will be just fine as it will support all current games very easily.
  • Will you be needing more space in the short term? If you do not need more space for hardware, then a mid-tower case will be perfect. If you will be needing more space (because you need an extra GPU, for example), then a full-tower PC will be needed. It will give you more space for your hardware and you will be able to easily fit it.
  • What about cooling? If you are thinking of overclocking and play 4K games and stuff that require of heat, then a full-tower PC case is what you want. You will be able to cool off the PC easily with liquid cooling. If not, then maybe a mid-tower is enough.

Conclusion: Mid Tower vs Full Tower

As you may have seen from our analysis above, there is no good or bad, or better and worse. Both the PC cases are going to be perfect for each user.

Conclusion: Depending on your needs you will be having a full-tower case or a mid-tower case.

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